Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

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June 10, 2018
June 5, 2018
The work continues on our hills - the project of getting the electrical power to the property has been initiated (quite a drawn out affair here!), and plans are being discussed with a contractor on proceeding with septic system, grading/drive construction, etc.... take a look at some photos taken on
May 24th thru June 5th, 2018:

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6/5/18: Val & Maite, two of the "volunteers" here at Casa Anna, accompanied us out to the property on Tuesday. They are from Belgium & France, and have been traveling Central & South America, with Ecuador being their last stop (I believe!) before heading back to Europe. It has been such a pleasure getting to know them!
Val & Maite

6/5/18: We have hundreds of "caracoles" (land snails) all over the property. Maite was especially fascinated when she found them in the trees.... I see some more shell artwork being done with the snail shells - just need to get a bucket and start picking them up!

Val, did you say "escargot"??

6/8/18: On Friday, Monica (our local manicurist) came to Casa Anna to give us our pedicures... I must admit, I've never had "nail art" done before - but look at the beautiful calla lilies she did freehand on my toes!

I have paid as much as $50 for a pedicure (or more, on a cruise ship!) - so, get ready for this ladies - the cost here for Monica's service? $4.00, plus a dollar tip!
Spa Day Pedicures

passion flower
For those who have never seen a "passion flower" - they are absolutely beautiful! We have a large Maracuya vine (passion fruit) growing beside our patio. This gorgeous flower will become one of my new favorite fruits, maracuya! Doug juices them, and we drink the juice every morning.

Doug's patio garden continues to flourish.... hopefully soon, we can begin planting them on our property. We have an Ecuadorian "algorrobo" tree, some bougainvillea, and papaya trees all ready to go!
assorted trees

avocado trees
The avocado trees are doing well... (planted from seed only a few months ago!)

Doug was able to score some bamboo from a neighbor down the road this week.... it has already been transplanted to the ravine between the two hills at our property.

Pancake - the guard cat!
Here is the Casa Anna "guard cat" - Pancake... as you can see, he's hard at work!!

The jalapeno pepper plants are also growing like crazy.... it's good to have peppers to cook with again.
Jalapeno Peppers

Coconut Palm
And while at the neighbor's garden, we also got a coconut palm tree.... however, we're going to need a lot more of them!

6/10/18: What's for dinner tonight??

"Bonito Sierra"... a member of the tuna family. Our gardener Paulo, came by last evening with a freshly caught fish for us.... amazing! It's probably 2 to 3 lbs., and cost us $3.00!

Yum, yum!
Bonito Sierra

May 3, 2018
May 22, 2018

We have continued "cleaning" our hillside! Starting at the top of the hill nearest the ocean, and going down the backside. The mountains to the east become more visible every day. And the chicos have cut us a trail from the front hill along the ridge to the "back" hill - we can now look up at the front hill to the west and see where our home will be!.... take a look at some photos taken on
May 9th thru 11th, 2018:

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5/4/18: So here is the sad tale of Doug and his "Ace Hardware" lopers purchased in Ecuador. He bought one pair, and upon first use, the cutters parted ways with the handles. When he took them back to the store, he had brought the wrong receipt....so he just bought another pair. Same story - one use only!
Made in China for Ace Hardware, Ecuador

Doug's Lopers
5/4/18: In the photo above, you can see the new "metal" handles that Johnny, the local mechanic, welded onto the first pair for him. Here you can see why they fell apart - rotten wood inside.

5/9/18: The labor intensive job of cleaning off the hillside, while maintaining the beautiful trees and cactus that already exist, continues. This photo is looking south just below the summit of the front hill (where we plan to build our home).
Looking South

South, southeast
5/9/18: Looking south/southeast on our hill.

5/11/18: Looking toward the east where the guys have cut us a path to the back hill. There is actually a ridge that runs along the south side of the property, which makes for an almost level path to the second hill. Work continues

5/11/18: Gina walks the new path to the east hill.

5/11/18: Taken from the back hill, looking west toward the ocean and the top of the front hill where we will build. Looking west to front hill

5/11/18: Standing on the back hill, looking west/northwest. Someday, we hope to build a couple of little casitas for tourist rentals...

Back on the new trail to the east - continuing toward the down-slope of the back hill.... when you can actually start walking the whole piece of property, you start to get a better feel for exactly how large 2 hectares of land is!

5/11/18: The quiet tranquility in the middle of a "forest" is amazing.... I must say that hiking through this beautiful property is amazing!

5/15/18: So, "for the rest of the story", started above... here is Doug with Johnny proudly showing off their handiwork. Doug had him make handles for the second pair longer than the first - now he can trim much higher in his trees while standing on the ground!
Johnny and Doug in front of his shop

Johnny's Ferreteria and Auto Repair
5/15/18: Doug painted the metal handles bright green (so he could easily find them when he lays them among the trees!). Johnny is the guy in town that you go to if you want "anything" fixed.... he's popular with the moto-taxi drivers, as you can see!

5/15/18: Today we also met with a local carpenter who showed us some of the work he is doing on a nearby beach home. This beautiful gate leading to the ocean is handmade of "moyuyo", a beautiful plant that grows here. When small they look like a bush, but pruned they grow into trees - if you see pretty yellow flowers, it's probably a moyuyo!
Moyuyo Gate

Outdoor oceanside kitchen
Here in Ecuador, an outdoor kitchen is a MUST! And with the ocean nearby, rust can be a real problem for metal. So this carpenter has crafted all the fasteners, etc. for this outdoor unit from wood - brilliant, wood doesn't rust! Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship.

May 22, 2018 - We absolutely adore our new country and village! We have made so many great friends here - both Ecuadorian and "Gringos". We find the Ecuadorian people to be some of the most helpful, friendly, wonderful people we've ever met. We are so happy we chose Puerto Cayo for our new home!

We are hopefully almost ready to finalize the application for our residency visas... thought we would accomplish this when we went to Manta last Thursday and Friday. However, turns out there was yet another document regarding our land investment that we needed. We have the document now, and are awaiting the visa application appointment to be set up by our lawyer - then, it's back to Manta for that. Once we get the visa matter behind us, we can concentrate our full attention on our building project. Update: We have now have a visa appointment set for Wednesday the 30th, so we'll go up to Manta on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll soon be legal residents of Ecuador!

We are both so totally ready for that!! Love and miss you all.... start thinking about a trip to Ecuador - you'll love it here!

Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

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