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Frequently Asked Questions About EZ-NetTools™

Do I need to know HTML or learn any complicated software?
No, using EZ-NetTools™ you can literally build an entire Website without any knowledge of HTML or programming. The EZ-NetTools™ hostware® is easy to learn and very easy to use.
How is EZ-NetTools™ better than off-the-shelf software?
In almost every way imaginable. EZ-NetTools™ provides a complete solution, where an off-the-shelf package would only cover a small portion of what you really need to get your business on the Web.

An EZ-NetTools™ account includes Web page creation, Web page hosting, E-Commerce capability (the ability to receive payment directly online), and Promotional Tools. No other solution offers such a complete package. Also, with off-the-shelf software you must purchase software updates and upgrades in order to keep up. With EZ-NetTools™ you never need to purchase an update or upgrade - your tools are updated in real time as we make improvements.
Where can I go for help if I don't understand something?
EZ-NetTools™ comes with free customer support for as long as you are a member. See Support page for details. Support is provided by telephone, email, online text, and instant chat.
Can I use my current Web address/domain name?
Yes, and there are no fees associated with transferring a domain name and most other information over to your EZ-NetTools™ account.
Are there limitations to the size of my Website?
Yes and No. There is no limit to the number of pages you may have on your Website, but there is a file size limit to your account. Geo-Net Marketing's E-Commerce accounts come with a whopping 350 MB of space. Additional webspace can be purchased for only $0.50/MB per month.
How long does it take to build a Website using EZ-NetTools™?
This depends upon the extent and complexity of your site - but a simple site could be up and live to the world in one or two days. Very complex sites usually run 30 to 60 days for completion.
How many template styles does it have?
Unlimited. EZ-NetTools™ is a Free Form system - which means that you can customize your website the way you want it. Several pre-built model websites have been developed however, and we sometimes refer to these as template websites. These websites, too, are completely customizable.
I already have a website, can I transfer it?
Yes, you can easily upload existing HTML and image files into your hostware account. Note, however, that if you want to use EZ-NetTools™ EZ-PageBuilder™ program to update your existing HTML pages they must first be recreated into EZ-PageBuilder™.
What are the system requirements?
You need a computer (Mac or PC), Internet connection, and a browser like Internet Explorer version 5.0 and up; or Netscape version 4.0 and up.
What are the legal restrictions of your websites?
We prohibit pornography, SPAM (bulk email to people other than those on your mailing list), and the sale or display of anything illegal. These are spelled out in the terms and conditions on your website account.
Are there any hidden costs that I will find out about later?
There are no hidden costs and you will never be surprised with hidden or unknown fees.
How would a Website benefit my business?
Whether you are looking to increase profits or cut expenses, a well-designed Website can and should be an integral part of your business model. Over 60% of consumers today go online to research products and services before they buy, and if you don't have information about your company online, you're at a disadvantage.

A good Website provides 24-hour-a-day answers and information for your customers and potential customers. And with e-commerce capability they can make a purchase at any time - day or night. That means that even while you are sleeping, your company is open for business and making you money!
Will there be advertisements on my Web page?
No. There will be no advertisements or banners on your Web page. The information that goes onto your Website is up to you.
How secure is the EZ-NetTools™ system?
EZ-NetTools™ uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. You can feel confident that your Website is both safe and secure. In addition to SSL, credit card transactions also benefit from our 3-WayEncryption™ technology.
Who is the company behind EZ-NetTools™?
The organization behind EZ-NetTools™ is ICServ, Inc. - a very stable company with a track record of customer service. To find out more about them, click here.

EZ-NetTools™ Advanced Questions:

What operating system does EZ-NetTools™ run on?
Red Hat Linux.
Do you provide dedicated servers?
The EZ-NetTools™ system is a shared server system.
In what database environment is your data stored?
Is there FTP via the Web?
Yes, and for the highest security possible, we have developed EZ-FileManager™ which transfers files from the client computer to the specific hostware account of EZ-NetTools™.
Do you have ODBC entries?
EZ-Catalog™ and other features of EZ-NetTools™ have Web based entry screens. These screens make it easy to enter data into the respective data bases.